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A guide to delicious eating in Sydney's Chinatown


A guide to
delicious eating
in Chinatown

As a melting pot of different Asian cultures and cuisines, it’s hard to go past Chinatown for  delicious and often delightful dining options. It doesn’t matter what city i’m in, i always love walking down the lanes of a city’s Chinatown and observing the handmade noodles and dumplings being made behind the glass or the glistening shiny fat dripping off the hung roast duck and pork in the shops. There’s always something to see, do and eat in Chinatown and i never get tired of it. Sydney’s Chinatown in particular is full of hidden gems with plenty of variety and often budget friendly options.

When visitors come into Sydney and ask where to eat, i usually have a list of 25 places or so to send them. If i had to cull it down to 10, here is my list of local favourites for delicious eating in Chinatown.

Golden century.jpg

Golden century

Open for dim sum in the morning and supper until 4am, Golden Century is a classic and loved chinese restaurant dishing up seafood and cantonese dishes. Favourites include XO pippies served on top of with fried vermicelli, peking duck, congee any crab or lobster dishes. Did i mention crab? The decor and service is simple but it’s always a good time at good ol’ GC.

Address: 393-399 Sussex St

Ho Jiak.JPG

Ho Jiak

Serving delicious Malaysian street food in a double-storey restaurant, Ho Jiak delivers authentic Malaysian flavours with the owner’s handed-down family recipes. I keep coming back for the char kway tiao, hor fun or crispy chicken wing tips with salted egg yolk and it’s the kind of restaurant that lingers in your mind for days.

Address: 92 Hay St



You’ll spot this place by the long queue of diners patiently waiting for a feed at this popular street-facing restaurant. Mamak serves flaky and buttery deliciousness in the form of Malaysian roti (both sweet and savoury options) as well as curries, noodles, fried rice, satay and fried chicken.

Address: 15 Goulburn St



Japanese self-service udon and rice shop dishing up great value noodle bowls. Pick an bowl and walk past the array of fried topping goodness to add to your meal before taking a seat.

Address: Shop 11/537-551 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Food court 1.jpg

Food Courts

There are 52 food stalls in the 4 long-running food courts in Chinatown - Dixon food court, Sussex Centre Food Court, Eating World and Market City food court. These food courts are home to a melting pot of multicultural asian cuisines covering everything from ramen, hainan chicken, pho, northern chinese skewers, pork rolls, korean fried chicken, dumplings, bi bim bap, noodle bowls, fried fish, sizzling hotpots or a selection of 3 dishes from a bain-marie on rice. Veteran stalls include Gumshara ramen, Happy Chef, Ramen O San, Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam and Phở Việt Long.

Tip: Grab a custard puff at the bakery ‘Emperor’s Puff’s’ for dessert. Located on the outpost of Hay and Dixon Street, it’s in walking distance to all 4 food courts. They’re sold hot, straight out of the bakery’s oven and you get 3 for $1. Winning.


Dixon Food Court: 4-10 Goulburn Street, Corner Dixon Street and Little Hay Street

Sussex Centre Food Court: 401-402 Sussex Street

Eating World: 25-29 Dixon Street

Market City Food Court: 9-13 Hay Street

Do dee.JPG

Do Dee Paidang

Best known for their tom yum noodles where you can choose your spiciness level, these guys aren’t scared to bring on the heat. It’s cheap, cheerful and open til late. $6.90 will get you a small bowl of tom yum soup with your noodle of choice, pork bones, crispy wontons, a variety of sliced meats and fish balls.

Address: 9/37 Ultimo Rd

Chon Siam.JPG

If you’re a fan of boat noodles, Chon Siam have an authentic bowl for $4 with your choice of beef or pork. Yes, you heard right, $4! We think it’s one of the best value meals in town and find ourselves here at least once a fortnight. Tip: Order the crispy pork skin on the side to drop into your noodles, they’ll soak up all the delicious goodness.

Address: 36/54 Campbell St

Chinese noodle restaurant.JPG

Chinese noodle restaurant

Known by locals for it’s grape vine ceiling as well as their handmade noodles, pork and cabbage dumplings and eggplant dishes, Chinese noodle restaurant is popular with locals and tourists alike and they also happen to be BYO. The big portions are good for sharing between friends and they have tables set up outside if you’re keen for some people watching while you’re downing the dumplings.

160 Thomas St, Haymarket

Dunhuang Lou.JPG

Lanzhou beef noodle soup at Dunhuang Lou Restaurant

Hand-pulled lamian noodles in a steaming bowl of clear-broth beef soup. The menu is simple and they serve one dish; their specialty beef noodle soup with add on options including a boiled egg in soy sauce, a side dish and extra sliced beef.

Tip: They have two types of noodles available (thin or thick) both equally slippery, chewy, handmade and delicious.

Shop 3, 710 George Street Chinatown


BBQ King

A no-frills restaurant serving roast meat and noodles. Their signatures include peking duck, suckling pig, roast pork, soya chicken, crispy shredded beef with tangy sauce and san choy bow lettuce bowls. It’s open late if you find you have roast meat cravings after a night out on the town.

76-78 Liverpool St


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