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5 travel blogs to follow

Travel blogs can be a great source of inspiration, ideas and advice if you’re planning a nomadic trip away. We’ve found 5 great travel blogs to get your wanderlust juices flowing.


Blog: A couple for the road

In a sentence: A cultural travel blog celebrating international art, history, architecture, music, language and culinary traditions

Established: July 2007 in downtown Nashville

Brainchild of: Justin and tracy

Read if you love: celebrating international travel, food and traditions

Check it out: https://www.acouplefortheroad.com/



Blog: Adventures around Asia

In a sentence: Asia off the beaten path

Brainchild of: Richelle

Read if you love: China travel secrets, survival guides, tips and tricks on getting around Asia

Check it out: https://www.adventuresaroundasia.com/



Blog: My life’s a movie

In a sentence: Solo female adventure traveler who has made travelling her full time job

Established: 2015

Brainchild of: Alyssa Ramos

Read if you love: travel tips, tricks, adventures and inspiration

Check it out: https://mylifesamovie.com/


Blog: Travelbreak

In a sentence: Female blogger who writes, creates content and is a social media guru

Brainchild of: Stephanie Be

Read if you love: Travel inspiration, tips on adventures

Check it out: https://www.travel-break.net/



Blog: Migrationology

In a sentence: Connecting to people through food

Established: 2009

Brainchild of: Mark Wiens

Read if you love: Learning about authentic local foods from around the world

Check it out: https://migrationology.com/


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