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5 Tips for Zero waste flights


5 Top tips for
zero-waste flights


Are you trying to live a more sustainable, waste-free lifestyle?

Whilst commercial flying has its own environmental impact, we do have control over our modern traveling habits and there’s no doubt that making some small changes can have some big differences as we rack up those air miles.

We put together 5 tips so that you can be as eco-friendly in the sky as you are on land. No matter where you’re from and where you’re headed, we can all do our bit to help our planet.

Fasten your seat belt, we’re about to get eco-friendly.


1) Limit the carbon emissions of your flight

The greenest, most eco-friendly way to book your flight is to book via carbon offsetting websites like My Climate or Flygrn. These companies calculate the carbon impact of your flight and adjust the price of your ticket to offset that amount - this extra moolah is donated to sustainable energy projects and helps to balance out your carbon footprint.


2) Go paperless

Ditch all the paperwork and get keep everything handy on your phone. Most airlines offer e-boarding passes so there’s no need to carry those print-outs around with you. TripCase is a free app which helps to compile your travel itinerary from your travel booking confirmations. You can even share it when your travel companions so everyone has access.

Don’t forget to pack your charger!


Plastic-free toiletries

Did you know that every single piece of plastic ever made in history still exists today?

Every. Single. Piece.

Cabin-bag toiletries involve a crazy amount of single-use plastic, from the heaps of miniature plastic bottles to the thousands of clear plastic bags the airports give away. This all contributes to the 8 million pieces of plastic that enter the ocean every day. Switching to solid bar toiletries is a really easy way to reduce your plastic waste and actually take more product with you because you won’t be limited by the 100ml liquid allowance.

The Lather Box makes plastic-free toiletries a totally hassle-free choice. A box of solid bars of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and shaving foam are delivered to your door in a biodegradable, recyclable box. The bars are made from only natural ingredients, totally free from parabens, SLS and palm oil. Bars like this are perfect for travel – they’re compact and easily transportable in recycled mint tins or reusable tupperware containers.


Sustainable snacks

The majority of the food and drink situations at the airport involve single-use packaging. By planning ahead, you can help minimise this by bringing a reusable water bottle (emptied at security of course) and filled back up on the flight. Reusable food containers and cutlery can be used on the flight too, and will come in handy for grabbing food on the go at any local food markets at your destination.

We really like these Vapur water bottles. They’re reusable, foldable, freezable, washable and BPA-free.


Layer up for the ride

Invest in your own personal sleep kit for your plane ride and you can leave the blanket and eye mask and it’s plastic packaging untouched. Layer up in clothes that are as close to PJs as you can realistically wear in public, in the day time. The crucial accessories are a big blanket scarf (or just your own blanket if you have space!), a good quality eye-mask and chunky, warm socks.


We hope you guys enjoyed these tips, do you have any other hacks for zero waste flights?